Ticking off South America’s Big Five

By Tori Keating There’s something wonderfully breathtaking about standing atop Machu Picchu looking over the ancient ruins of the `Lost city of the Incas’. Standing at 2,430 meters above sea level it may well be the altitude that takes your breath away, or the few thousand other travellers with whom you are sharing the experience, but really it’s because you are standing at the justifiable … Continue reading Ticking off South America’s Big Five

Dreaming of Alaska

By Tori Keating, Travel Consultant Silence, they say, is golden. But in Alaska’s iconic Inside Passage silence is giant white glaciers and floating icebergs, piercing blue skies, everlasting sunsets of pinks and purples, green forests hugging the coastline and rippling water, sometimes blue, sometimes clear and at other times silver with the shimmering scales of Pacific salmon. Alaska, so remote and isolated, is sometimes known … Continue reading Dreaming of Alaska