There’s an amazing tourist attraction in Canada Place Vancouver called the `Fly Over Canada’. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done as a traveller and one I would happily do again. It’s a simulation ride which flies you- as if you were in a helicopter- over the best that Canada has to offer. And the reason I love this ride so much is that just when you think you’ve seen the best that Canada has to offer you realise that beyond Niagara Falls, beyond the Calgary stampede and beyond the Rocky Mountains there is a country with so much more waiting to be discovered.

Despite Canada being the 2nd largest country in the world, to the average traveller it is still hard to appreciate the sheer immensity of the place. It encompasses cosmopolitan cities, awe-inspiring scenery, and is home to the mighty Niagara Falls. French speaking Montreal is a haven for food lovers while beachside Vancouver, filled with lakes, rivers and green spaces, is a naturally beautiful city in the shadow of the immense mountains.

And if Canada is somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit- or return to- no-one offers exceptional experiences and value in Canada better than Trafalgar. With over 70 years’ experience bringing travellers and the world together Trafalgar excel at creating handcrafted experiences which produce life long memories and treasured travel moments. They get you to the heart of what makes Canada such a breathtaking place to visit but they go well beyond just showing you the sights. Their carefully cherry picked hotels are selected to enhance your experience in each of the places you visit either by offering the best location while capturing the destination’s authentic culture and heritage, and their exclusive bespoke highlights put you side by side with local specialists who are passionate about sharing their craft or city with you.

With Trafalgar in Canada your local specialists will include First Nations guides who will share their history of the people and the land, you’ll meet the makers of `Ice wine’ – a naturally sweet wine which uses frozen grapes on the vines – who get up at 2am to hand pick the grapes, and you’ll learn all things maple syrup at a local sugar shack in Quebec with a maple syrup aficionado.

And Trafalgar will offer unique experiences you just couldn’t arrange on your own. On the west coast on your way to Victoria they’ll take you to visit a family owned cider house for a tasting and to meet the family who make the cider, in the Banff National Park they will introduce you to a real life `Mountie’ who will tell tales of the job and give a special presentation about the area before enjoying a scenic dinner at the Boundary Ranch. And in Shediac Bay in New England you’ll learn about the fine art of lobstering with a local fisherman onboard his boat before enjoying a freshly caught lobster for your lunch.

Canada is one of those special places in Kiwi’s hearts that is a must see destination, and because of its enormity it’s somewhere you can visit over and over, enjoying a different experience each time. With fantastic savings to be had on travel still this year and in 2018 with Trafalgar, there has never been a better time to put Canada at the top of your travel list.