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From the ruins of the Roman Forum to the fjords of Norway, the Edinburgh castle in Scotland to Český Krumlov in Bohemia – Europe is a never ending treasure trove of sights and experiences!
Whether you prefer a more relaxed approach to your holiday, you’re a history buff or an adventure fanatic, Europe really does have something for everyone!

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Here is a sample of some of our favourite journeys.

Greek Island Hopping

Iceland Yurt Adventure

Traditional Grand European

Magnificent Europe

The Emerald Isle

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Stockholm with Singapore Airlines

Stockholm with Singapore Airlines

Generally speaking for most of us folk living in the South Island a trip on a plane is the first step of any holiday abroad. We’re lucky that more and more airlines are choosing to make NZ one of their final destinations which means we now have a greater choice of how...

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How to enjoy The Good Life in Europe

How to enjoy The Good Life in Europe

Whether it’s your first trip to Europe or you are heading there for your umpteenth visit, travelling from New Zealand you need to make the most of it. At xtravel, we have close relationships with the best holiday companies and are in the know on all the options and...

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Insuring yourself to Travel

Insuring yourself to Travel

Did you hear the one about the girl who was riding a bicycle in Bali who was knocked off by a drunk driver and was taken to hospital where she incurred a bill of $25,000? What about the one about the gentleman who dropped his iPhone on the floor of the train in Canada...

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River Cruising

River Cruising

Embarking on a cruise is an exciting start to a holiday where total relaxation is assured.  What other holiday can you truly unpack once and yet see and do so much? River cruising is a superb way to travel through Europe.  The inclusions speak for themselves but the...

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