Embarking on a cruise is an exciting start to a holiday where total relaxation is assured.  What other holiday can you truly unpack once and yet see and do so much?

River cruising is a superb way to travel through Europe.  The inclusions speak for themselves but the guides and cruise directors account for how well you enjoy your holiday. The offering of excursions based on individual abilities is outstanding with different groups travelling together based on accessibility and pace. So whether you are fit and active or just want to take things at your own speed your needs are taken into consideration for maximum enjoyment.


The Avalon Suite Ships are an oasis, a home away from home with plenty of spaces to enjoy the views as you cruise along many of Europe’s historically major trading routes.  This is one of the many reasons River cruising in Europe is so special, with many of the major towns, cities and attractions located on the rivers.

The biggest surprise for me was the amount of free time and flexibility.  The excursions in port were all optional, which of course to make the most of the trip, you’d want to partake in but if you’d prefer to have a quiet few hours  alone in your stateroom, sitting out on the deck, or in the gym, you can. All breakfasts are included on-board, as are most lunches and dinners but if you’d prefer to dine out, that too is fine as long as the ship is staying in port!  The happy hour each late afternoon/evening is a wonderful excuse to have a drink and chat with fellow passengers in the lounge bar before dinner, and later in the evening there is live music played by local musicians.

If you are active and like the idea of biking, hiking, canoeing, cooking and learning while enjoying a holiday, Avalon now offer active discoveries to engage you through Europe.

The end of the cruise doesn’t mean the end of the holiday either.  Adding an ‘independent’ extension has been made easy with Monograms all-in-one packages which can be added at the beginning of your holiday or the end.  Each packages comes complete with your choice of hotels, hand-selected based on location, amenities, and service. At your chosen hotel, take advantage of your Monograms Local Host – a local expert on-call and accessible throughout your stay to help you make the most of your trip. They’ve arranged sightseeing with expert local guides, transportation, and offer a selection of special activities and excursions. A very popular Monograms holiday which extends from the Magnificent Europe Avalon itinerary from Amsterdam to Budapest is Budapest, Vienna & Prague for nine nights- three in each city including daily breakfast, first class train services between each city, and a guided sightseeing tour in each city.

With so many cruising and holiday extension options available with Avalon and Monograms, the time to start planning your holiday now!